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It_can_be_doneI’m Attorney Rob McCarthy, Jr., a Boston College and New England Law (Boston) graduate, and I’ve been an attorney for over thirty years. Starting off as a litigator in the United States Marine Corps, I was trained at the Naval War College in the Naval Justice School, Newport, RI. Before Naval Justice School, I trained as a Marine Corps infantry officer at the Basic School and Officers Candidate School, both in Quantico, VA. While in the Marine Corps I prosecuted criminal cases for the United States, defended Marines in courts martial and represented Marines before military administrative panels. I also helped thousands of Marines with everyday legal matters such as will, trusts, powers of attorney, health care proxies/living wills, consumer problems, separation agreements, real estate matters and taxes. In fact I organized and ran a base wide tax preparation program.

After being honorably discharged from the Marine Corps, I was recalled to active duty to serve the United States in Operation Desert Storm. Staying in the Marine Corps Reserve a number of years after Operation Desert Storm, I was honorably discharged after having been promoted to the rank of Major. During this time, I was also engaged in the private practice of law in the Boston area where I’ve appeared many thousands of times in various courts from the lowest courts up to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. Recently I was a candidate for the United States Congress. I’m active in developing web based businesses and am often the number one attorney searched for on in my community. I am also frequently in the top .03% of attorneys searched for nationwide out of 1,482,292 total lawyers.

When a person hires me as their attorney, they get much more than an attorney. They get someone who takes their matter and shares it as his own. You won’t be a number. Your case becomes my overriding concern. Many times I’ll stay awake at night thinking about cases and how the matter can best be handled. That’s just the way I am. It’s not a marketing ploy. It’s my personality. I live through your case with you and if there is a burden, the problem is also placed on my shoulders. I’ll care about your matter as much as you do. You won’t be alone or forgotten and you won’t regret retaining me as your lawyer. You’ll be a friend whom I try to help. Lets talk.

I’ve achieved excellent, consistent results acting in a firm, professional and persistent manner. Attorneys who act obnoxiously and over aggressively do themselves and their clients a great disservice.

I’m a member of the Massachusetts Bar Association and am licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, before the United States Court of Military Appeals and the United States Federal District Court of Massachusetts. I’m now, or have been in the past been  certified in the following:

Approved Court Investigator, Essex Juvenile Court, Lynn, Massachusetts

Approved Guardian AdLitem, Essex Juvenile Court, Lynn, Massachusetts

Approved Guardian Ad Litem, Essex Juvenile Court, Salem Massachusetts

Approved Guardian Ad Litem, Middlesex Juvenile Court, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Children and Family Law Certification, Committee for Public Counsel Services: Boston, Massachusetts

CHINS Certification, Committee for Public Counsel Services: Boston, Massachusetts

Appellate Mentor Certification, Committee for Public Counsel Services: Boston, Massachusetts

Children & Family Law Appeals Certification, Committee for Public Counsel Services: Boston, Massachusetts

Mental Health Appeals Certification, Committee for Public Counsel Services: Boston, Massachusetts

Mental Health Litigation, Certification, Committee for Public Counsel Services: Boston, Massachusetts

Staff Judge Advocate, Certification, U.S. Marine Corps

Defense Counsel, Certification, U.S. Marine Corps

Since graduating from law school, I’ve completed hundreds of continuing legal education courses to stay current with the law and maintain certifications.


The Rob McCarthy Law Group

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