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Business formation

Thinking of starting a business or non profit? Call Rob McCarthy Law first.We help new and growing businesses, entrepreneurs, start-ups and non-profits form their business. The quality of legal representation during business planning and formation is extremely important and we offer professional legal help in this area.

There are various forms business can take such as sole proprietor, joint ventures, partnerships,limited liability partnerships, S-corporations, C-corporations, limited liability companies,professional limited liability companies and professional corporations. Each form of business involves benefits and risks. These benefits and risks are connected to taxation, personal liability,management and control.

When thinking about business formation, we can help determine and plan for the form of business that is best suited to you. Operating agreements, by-laws, charters and agreements may provide operational guidance to the organization formed. These documents serve as a resource to help solve problems and issues that may occur between principals in the business. Once an entity is chosen, we prepare and file all essential documentation to establish the business. The choices made at this point will have long-term effects that may affect taxes, control of the business and even the ability to attract investors.

After the business has been established, we help maintain the business. The act of creating a business is not enough to maintain the benefits of forming a business. Business owners must follow legal requirements to maintain the business. For instance, meetings must be held and minutes taken, and annual reports must be filed. Without following legal requirements, a business can lose its legal standing. Attorney Rob McCarthy advises and helps start-ups, entrepreneurs and established businesses.

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