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Probate/ Estate Administration

Rob McCarthy Law

The distribution of property left through a will is controlled by a legal process called probate. Probate is a Latin phrase meaning"prove the will." Attorney Rob McCarthy. http://www.robmccarthylaw.comThe distribution of property left through a will is controlled by a legal process called probate. Probate is a Latin phrase meaning”prove the will.” Upon death, the will is looked at by a court and becomes a public record. Control over the will in probate rests in the hands of attorneys and judges.

The Personal Representative (until recently, the executor) is the individual named in a will responsible for performing the work necessary to distribute the decedent’s assets, pay bills, and wind up the decedent’s affairs.

Some duties of a Personal Representative’s are gathering the deceased person’s assets and taking an inventory, notifying beneficiaries and creditors, paying the person’s debts, distributing the remaining property to the beneficiaries, completing and filing accounts and filing all federal and state tax returns for the deceased person and the estate.

Most non-lawyers do not know how to navigate the complicated probate process. Even honest mistakes made by an inexperienced non-lawyer can be expensive and time-consuming. Attorney Rob McCarthy provides a probate service to help people through this sometimes frustrating process that may occur during probate.

Our probate services includes:

Probate Court filings preparation
Court appearances
Representation of the Estate
Assisting the Personal Representative
Assistance with Federal and State Estate Taxes

Creditors have one year from the date of death to make claims against the estate. So as a result, a probate takes at least a year (but sometimes takes longer) to be finally closed. In addition, the probate court will issue an inventory form. The Executor must complete the inventory with the date-of-death values of all the decedent’s probate assets.

Rob McCarthy Law helps with probate, including loved ones who die intestate (without a will) and those who die with a valid will. We also help personal representatives, estate administrators and executors perform their legal responsibilities.

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